Data Center Solutions in Partnership with RZ-Products

International business division of the German DCG Data Center Group.

MVP Tech has strategically established its Data Center Division by partnering up closely with RZ-Products GmbH, a fully owned subsidiary of the German DCG Data Center Group, Germany’s most successful data center developer. RZ-Products and DCG show a successful track record of project deliveries with global private companies, public organizations and Governments, Central Banks, airports authorities, national railway companies, utilities, colocation operators, and delivered over a 1.000 datacenter project globally.

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Datacenter Solutions

Containerized Datacenter Solutions: DC-IT Container

Containerized Datacenter Solutions: DC-IT Container

A containerized datacenter solution allowing to deliver additional compute power on any location, on premise, next to your factory, in a industry hall, or even in a remote place where you will be happy to use the remote functionalities of the DC-IT Monitoring system. The containerized datacenter offers all redundancy parameters, mobile and scalable. Further to redundancy and compliance to Tier / EN50600 the all-in-one containerized datacenter can also be ramped up in terms of protection class with RC4 or RC5 and water & dust protection with IP 56 to IP65. For every IT load, Every customer. Every location.


Edge Microcenter Solution: DC-IT Safe

Edge Microcenter Solution: DC-IT Safe

Is your IT really secure within your Company? Check Security and Compliance, prevent the loss of essential data and the resulting production downtimes or financial losses as well as image damages because of IT breakdowns. Your sensitive data should be saved on highly protected servers. Protect your servers internally with our DC-ITSafe against all essential physical hazards like theft, vandalism and natural forces like fire or water. The DC-ITSafe is a worldwide recognized edge micro datacenter solution also called MDC or compact datacenter.


Room in Room Systems: DC-IT Room Granite

Room in Room Systems: DC-IT Room Granite

The DC-IT Room GranITe is a fully modular and scalable room-in-room system allowing you to conceive and build your IT room according to your needs but matching the toughest fire protection norms of the industry. The GranITe version of the product matches all certification criteria of the ECB-S according to EN 1047-2, thus allowing every single room we deliver to certified accordingly. Strong protection for any critical IT-room infrastructure.


DC-IT Monitoring

DC-IT Monitoring

Information leads to knowledge in action and smart decisions. This also applies to data centers. In particular when you need real time information. However, two aspects are particularly important for information gathering: firstly, maximum security. Secondly, flexibility, interface communication and integration options for existing plant and measurement technologies. The DCM agent is therefore the first fundamental component and central solution of DC-IT monitoring. It is a powerful monitoring system for monitoring large IT rooms and IT infrastructures, but also DC-IT Safes or containerized datacenters.


DC-IT Shielding

DC-IT Shielding

With DC-ITShielding, RZ-Products offers a Tested, Certified, and Customized IT room shielding solution. The high-frequency shell protects IT rooms and IT equipment against electrical and/or magnetic interferences (EMP) from the outside and the radiation of information from the inside. Also preventing from Spying. This IT room shielding solution offers eavesdropping and shielding security up to 60, 80, or 100 dB and is fully compliant with the requirements of Tempest, NSA 65-2, NATO. Also compliant with BSI guidelines (the German Federal Office for Information Security).


German-Made IT Racks

The brand introduced by RZ-Products in exclusivity with MVP Tech in Dubai covers modular rack concepts and leaves no stone unturned. A broad base of different racks and a wide range of accessories fully meet the demands placed on high-performance data centers. Specifically, the IT racks can be configured individually and are ideally accessible from all sides to guarantee maximum flexibility. Network racks, server racks, Colocation racks, and rack accessories.

German-Made Enclosure Systems

Also made in Germany this brand offers enclosure systems for IT rooms (hot or cold aisles/corridors). At any time a bespoke/customized design is possible. Also matching the highest standards of the German and European datacenter industry.


Datacenter Planning, Consulting and Engineering  

From site analysis to the feasibility study, the team of German engineers is able to deliver any technical input prior, during and after the planning and construction phase of a datacenter. With a team of data center consultants, own architects, specialized engineers for construction, power, and cooling, static, own technical drawers, and delivery managers skilled on small to medium to large to hyper scale datacenter projects, RZP and DCG offer the best combination between German engineering and proven successful track record. Deep knowledge of industry norms such as Uptime Tier and EN50600 or TÜV compliance is of course a given. The skills, knowledge and experience include the operation, service and maintenance of fully modern datacenters.

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(Hyperscale Colocation Data Center)

The first phases of this ultramodern colocation data center are already delivered, providing a secure and highly-available home for approximately 3,000 racks, on a floor space of 7,800 sqm in the immediate proximity of Frankfurt, Germany’s capital city of data centers and the globally important DE-CIX internet exchange point. The architecture is compliant with the toughest industry norms and to the EN50600 Industry Norm. 12 data halls for 25MW capacity.

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Daily, a mobile diagnostic vehicle controls the whole railway track network of SBB and reports the status of the tracks with high-definition cameras, x-ray, and ultrasonic devices to ensure the security of the almost 11,000 trains using the national railway tracks every day. These are 20 terabytes of data to be collected weekly at one central point. Therefore, a data exchange point was installed in Bern. In order to ensure the highest level of security and availability, the DC-IT Safe came out to be the best solution for the needs of SBB.

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Governmental Project in Europe



In 2020 RZ-Products delivered a Governmental project for additional compute power by building a mobile containerized datacenter DC-IT Container. Highly robust and reliable, the redundant design delivers enough power and cooling to run all servers installed. The containerized data center includes a hot corridor, a VESDA, and a fire extinguishing system as well as monitoring. The monitoring solution allows running some functionalities remotely.

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Thai Government 


(DC-IT Room GranITe)

We designed the new data center as a prototype for future Thailand data centers. It is a role model regarding its physical security and availability and guarantees the data security we need to achieve our business goals“, says Khun Suchat Rojthong-Kam, Deputy Secretary-General of the Secretariat of The House of Representatives. The attention was drawn to the high-security room ”DC-ITRoom GranITe” through the collaboration with SITEM (Site Preparation Management Co. Ltd.), one of the partners of RZ-products in Asia. It took less than 1 month to realize an ECB•S certified room-in-room concept on 77 sqm.

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