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The Power of AI Technology

At MVP Tech, we bring the very latest of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to your organisation, delivering innovative solutions for a full spectrum of needs.

Artificial Intelligence Engineering – Smarter AI Systems by Design

When it comes to the game-changing possibilities of AI, the future is now.
Our state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence Systems are engineered to meet your unique goals and integrate easily into existing company architecture.
AI is already transforming capabilities across numerous sectors of the economy, including Telecom, Commerce, Finance, Marketing and Healthcare, providing a vital edge in an ever-evolving marketplace.
Our innovative AI solutions help clients reap the benefits of lower operational costs, reduced churn rates and higher revenues.

Our AI Capabilities & Services:

  • AI product development
  • Client profiling and intelligent recommendations
  • Integration of virtual agents (assistants, chatbots & conversational IVR)
  • Visual search, image tagging, & brand identification
  • Facial recognition, action tracking, security & compliance
  • Video analytics

Software Engineering – Sharper Tools for the Job

When your software is out of date, you’re competing with yesterday’s technology in a world advancing faster every day.

Our experts start with a thorough analysis to absorb your needs, address trouble spots and optimise your network, putting your organisation back on track for success.

We always look two steps ahead, ensuring your operational systems are optimised for today and ready to take on tomorrow.

Businesses big and small benefit from our cutting-edge solutions, industry-specific knowledge and bespoke software design. We’ll help you meet any challenge with user-friendly interfaces and effective AI-based applications for office, web or mobile.

Our Software Engineering Capabilities & Services:

  • Digital consultation
  • Web & mobile development
  • Enterprise systems & internal architecture
  • System integrations
  • User experience & interface design (UX & UI)
  • Responsive Web Design (RWD)
  • Information architecture
  • Cyber security

ERP Integration – Business Processes, Simplified

Whether your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) needs a total overhaul or careful recalibration, we’ll take the time to understand what you do, identify weaknesses and develop AI-powered ways to run things more efficiently for years to come.

We expertly manage the full transition, from implementation and deployment through ongoing 24/7 maintenance and after-sales support.

Streamline your operations by replacing inefficient applications with NetSuite’s seamless, cloud-based management software.

With almost twenty years of IT integration experience to our name, we’re experts in unlocking NetSuite’s full potential. Run key operations from any location, in the cloud, including accounting, inventory, supply chain and order management.

Our highly-trained experts tailor ways to keep you on top of your game, reducing downtime, decreasing failure rates and minimizing wasteful expense.

Our ERP Integration Capabilities & Services:

  • Detailed business analytics
  • NetSuite consultation, installation & training
  • ERP maintenance and support
  • System updates & improvements

Data Management – Powering Better Strategy

Effective use of data is critical to your company’s success and improvement in a digital age.

Our AI-based technology helps you harvest, store, analyse and learn from every client interaction or operational variable, informing decision-making at all levels.

We ensure this sensitive, valuable resource is both accurate and available, secure yet accessible.

Gain new market insights, offer customers a more personalized experience, improve operational efficiency – our expert data management team will work with you to develop the competitive advantage you’ve been missing.

Our Data Management Capabilities & Services:

  • Advanced marketing and business intelligence analytics
  • Predictive analytics
  • Customer analytics & reporting
  • Inventory & supply chain optimization

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