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Turnkey Data Centre Solutions

MVP Tech offers Turnkey Modular data center solutions throughout the entire project life cycle and at each stage of development. We deploy and integrate all critical infrastructure components, IT servers and racks, Network infrastructure, software, physical security, environmental monitoring, precision cooling systems and power solutions.

Supplied by the world’s leading data center hardw are and software manufacturing powerhouses held against the most demanding of efficiency, profitability, safety and security standards.

Data Center Precision Cooling

Our precision cooling solutions focus on innovative and cost-effective technologies delivering the highest efficiency, capacity, and redundancy. Our Turnkey Solutions offers an end-to-end cooling portfolio for low, medium & high platforms requirements for mission-critical Data Center sites.


Reliable computer room air conditioning (CRAC) units deliver precision cooling, air distribution, and humidity in data centers. Unique features of our CRAC units are reliability and full customization

Row Coolers

Our Full range of Row cooling solutions with various redundancy options and capacities are deployed with cold-isle containment or hot-aisle containment avoiding air short circuits and mixture loss

Our precision cooling solutions focus on innovative and cost-effective technologies delivering the highest efficiency, capacity, and redundancy. Our Turnkey Solutions offers an end-to-end cooling portfolio for low, medium & high platforms requirements for mission-critical Data Center sites.

Data Center Power Solutions

Our robust, highly reliable, and clean power solutions for data center mission-critical systems provide maximum uptime and critical infrastructure energy protection tailor-made for each enterprise specific requirements. our advanced end-to-end data center power solutions allow you to effectively measure, manage and monitor your data center energy levels. Through our advanced reporting, you can reliably predict and address energy efficiency problems before they occur.

Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS), Battery Banks

We deliver advanced uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems and varied types of battery banks that accommodate full redundancy, downtime-free maintenance, local and remote manageability, modular expandability, and ensure power availability as per the operational requirements of mission-critical facilities.

Power Distribution Units (PDU)

Our future proof Power Distribution Units (PDU) eliminate human error caused outages by efficiently protecting the load of critical infrastructure through advanced sensitivity and remote real-time outlet level monitoring capabilities amongst other features allowing for advanced load management and maximum uptime.

Electrical Panels and accessories

Delivery & Implementation of a diverse range of reliable electrical infrastructures such as Switchgears, electrical distribution panels, ATS, STS, power cabling.

Standby Generators

We provide diesel-powered generators & electrical generator sets built for data centers that seamlessly integrate and synchronize on an automatic mains failure system. All generators are designed with the expansion through synchronization panels and additions of extra generators per location and load, this process ensures that your Data Center will remain online independent of the mains power supply.

Data Center Fire Protection Systems

Our Solutions provides the highest level of fire protection & prevention in a complete end-to-end portfolio for fire protection solutions starting with fire alarm systems, sensitive aspirating smoke detection systems, fire prevention systems, fire suppression systems.

Aspirating Smoke Detection

Our Highly reliable aspiration solutions automatically and continuously draw samples of air throughout the facilities and measure the air composition. This provides the earliest fire detection with remarkably high sensitivity, with the latest detection technology and guaranteed false alarms detection, easy commissioning, and maintenance.

Fire Prevention

Unique Fire Prevention System where a fire cannot happen to begin with. This system provides the most advanced and highest level of fire safety and security. In our solution no pressure relief valves are required, no smoke or damage occurs, we simply prevent fire in your mission critical facilities.

Fire Suppression & Detection Systems

Automatic suppression systems are minimizing the damages in case of a fire by using inert gases; chemical gases-based solutions as extinguishing agents such as Nitrogen, Argon, FM 200, and Novec 1230. Also, Hydrogen Detection Systems provide an early warning and alarming to with automatic ventilation for protection of closed rooms and facilities.

Turnkey Mobile/ Modular Data Center

Our Mobile Data Center is a complete prefabricated data center in a self-contained, compact, secure, and transportable unit.

This solution scales with the organization requirements. It is deployed when relocation or flexibility are necessary, this provides organizations with a traditional enterprise data center disaster recovery (DR) and business continuity platform while reducing the initial investment at the lowest power usage efficiency (PUE) to ease the pain and cost of building new data centers.

We will provide you with complete mobile infrastructure including:
cooling power structural protection fire protection monitoring access control

and all the other data center components and critical infrastructure achieving a total plug and play solution within a secure environment design

All our Mobile Data Centers components, design, assembly processes, and quality control are executed according to the most demanding international processes and standards (IEC, EN, ISO, DIN, etc). NEMA and IEC versions are available.

Environment Monitoring and leak detection Systems

Our Solutions provides a full range of monitoring solutions for Environmental conditions, Power Usage, IP Cameras, and Systems Operation. Support personnel will be notified immediately of any critical condition by SMS text message, Email, Visual/Audible alarms, or SNMP for integration with existing management software such as Nagios, HPOpenview, Patrol, etc.

This provides seamless integration between environmental monitoring, security, and systems management. Early detection enables you to take immediate action, preventing a situation from escalating into anything from business disruption to full-scale disaster.

Temperature and Humidity

Providing true temperature and humidity monitoring through wired and wireless sensor connection includes effective monitoring of changes in room temperature through ceiling, wall, or rack mounted modules, the temperature inside cabinets, temperature of air conditioning pipes, and relative humidity in data centers

Water & Leak Detection

We strategically place water sensors near the most likely sources of water leak such as windows, air conditioning units and across the mission critical units in the disaster recovery site.

Power Circuit Current and CL-Amp Monitoring

A Solution that provides split-core branch circuit monitoring system as a cost-effective solution for electrical load management ideally suited for applications dynamic load capacity requirements. Also, CL-Amp which conforms to EMC standards is an efficient mean of monitoring power locally and remotely using a NW controller.

Data Center Security Systems

MVP Tech offers Next-Generation IT & Physical Security Infrastructure, cutting-edge Surveillance Systems coupled with intrusion detection systems, central command and control, cybersecurity solutions against virtual threats and multi-layered network secure zones that ensure the safety and security of your disaster recovery site.

CCTV Surveillance Systems

Our solution enables data center staff to manage and control IP based cameras footage, advance digital recording on high resolution video surveillance systems and simultaneous playbacks through video content analytics, image authentication, facial recognition, smart motion search for easy retrieval of video, user-friendly control center and remote access to multiple sites.

Access Control

Our solution enables next generation hybrid and multilayer authentication method access controls with comprehensive security functions, web control interface, system interoperability and embedded biometrics always enables fully controlled security measures at access control level. This is vital to control and log authorized access.

Physical Security

Perimeter control: Our bespoke perimeter control solutions detect, deter, and delay any unauthorized personal from entering the mission critical facilities through a team of 24/7 trained on-site security, physical barriers, single entry and exit points and more serving as the outermost and initial layer of security.

1 Facility Control

Biometric access control limits access to only authorized personal while advanced high-resolution IP-cameras automatically records, analyzes & identifies all movements within the mission critical facilities through facial recognition capabilities and cutting-edge video analytical software. This serves as the second layer of security.

2 Computer Room Control

This 3rd layer of Physical security further restricts access to sensitive areas within the disaster recovery facilities through more nuanced and diverse range of access control.

3 Biometric scan

Iris, thumb prints, vascular pattern and more. By requiring multiple methods of identity verification, this further enhances security and prevents illegal access to computer rooms. this solution is also equipp

4 Cabinet Control

This is the 4th and final level of physical security with electronic cabinet locking mechanisms that prevents an insider threat from illegally accessing data center racks or performing malicious activities. This 4th layer of physical security is further reinforced with a network of IP-based cameras, advanced surveillance systems, a data log that monitors and automatically submits all the users activities and a video monitoring software that analyzes and records their movements.

Data Center Structured Cabling Systems

We deliver three different approaches to our cabling solutions: Classic Solution, Trunk or Pre-Terminated Solution, and Modular High Density Solution.

The Classic Solution comprises of the traditional patch panel, module, and single data cable. It has been widely deployed globally over the years. Our Classic Solution is ideal for simple installations; from single office units to large and complex installations, all with the highest quality and performance demands.

The Trunk or Pre-Terminated Solutions add the flexibility of pre-configured and pre-tested copper and fibre optic cable trunks. Trunk Solutions require detailed and accurate design at the planning stage, but time is saved later during installation. Also, trunks can be pre-terminated and quality controlled, which reduces the need of on-site testing. Labor savings for trunk or pre-terminated installations are up to 80%.

The Modular High Density Solution adds two dimensions to the classic and trunk portfolio: modularity and high density. With the Modular High Density Solution we can achieve double the number of ports compared to a classic solution within the same area. Furthermore, fibre optic and copper ports can both be terminated on to the same panel. At times it can be difficult to predict future expansion requirements, and denominations between copper and fibre ports within new rack space. The Modular High Density Solution provides you with an easy answer to the dilemma of planning for the future.

Data Center site preparation and civil Works

We offer advance, stable and durable raised floor and ceiling panel with turnkey data center fit out accessories related interior works such as:

walls doors partitions suspended ceilings

and related exterior works.

We ensure that the interior and exterior of data center sites will be planned and aligned with all other facility layers such as:

electrical cooling cabling piping ducting conforming with local codes and industry related standards
Cold / Hot Sections

Server & IT cabinets come from many different manufacturers and in many different shapes and sizes. Our flexible concept offers an optimal way of putting a roof over existing rows of cabinets.

Enclosure concepts for existing IT structures our enclosures These existing infrastructures can be equipped with tailored cooling solutions which are flexible, energy-efficient, and reliable. This means data centers will be able to build up systems over the long term and provide them with modern cooling systems, even if they are from different manufacturers.

Data Center Racks & Accessories

Provider variety of standard and smart profiles and diverse engineered designs of IT Racks. Offered rack solutions are as different as your needs and requirements! Different systems with different focus in terms of security, internal design, cabling and air-conditioning, together provide the basis for a series of racks that with the available equipment, exactly meet your demands.

PDUs, Smart Locks, Earthing & Bonding Kits

our reliable IP-based power distribution units, intelligent and configurable locking systems, full earthing kit, cable management and bonding kits are complementing ingredients of a complete IT or Telcom rack system, rendering reliable framework for the ICT equipment mounting enclosure.


Reliable computer room air conditioning (CRAC) units deliver precision cooling, air distribution and Humidity in data centers. Unique features of our CRAC units are reliability and full customization built specific to every client/project in technology, capacity, and modular redundancy & scalability.

Our precision cooling solutions focus on innovative technologies delivering the highest efficiency, capacity, redundancy with minimum ongoing operation costs. Our Turnkey Solutions offers an end-to-end cooling portfolio for low, medium & high platforms requirements for mission critical Data Center sites.

Row Coolers

Full range of Row cooling solutions with various redundancy options and capacities whether deployed with cold-isle containment or hot-isle containment avoiding air short circuits and cold air and mixture loss or in open row to expand the cooling capacity into the high-density zones and racks.

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