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A team of World-Class Engineers and Turnkey Modular Data Centre Project Managers powering the smart cities of tomorrow. We deliver flexible, scalable and locally compliant Data Centres aligned with your organization’s business continuity objectives.

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Data Centre Support & Maintenance

Round-the-clock support and maintenance services offer an expert method of keeping up with high-availability requirements of mission-critical data centers core infrastructures, providing 24×7 monitoring, routinely planned maintenance services, remote and onsite technical support, ongoing facility operation, and managed services.

SLA Management

MVP Tech’s experienced engineering team offers dedicated resources with the latest technologies to ensure SLA objectives and availability parameters are strictly observed and implemented according to best practices. Thus, applications, infrastructure and other components’ reliability will be maintained to achieve maximum uptime while ensuring the stakeholder’s ROI.

24x7 Monitoring & Support

24×7 Monitoring of data centers servers, network equipment, temperature, energy efficiency, and other key components of a data center. This helps in identifying problems before they impact revenue or business operations and establishing healthiness thresholds with the capacity to alert administrators to critical discrepancies. Complete end-to-end support, issue tracking, escalation, and resolution services, with preventive measures and risk management and mitigation throughout the data center’s entire life cycle.

3rd Party Testing & Commissioning

Our Team of in-house expert commissioning engineers will conduct on-site comprehensive 3rd party, vendor-independent assessments, and tests to ensure holistic design, installation, operation, and integration of all data center components according to their operational requirements and perform Systems Acceptance Testing (SAT) and Integrated Systems Testing (IST) with the latest tools. This includes providing:

Test Scripts Competence reports Design vs buildup misalignment reports O&M Checks Performance Benchmarking Error Reports Critical Malfunction Reports

Our Comprehensive Data Center System Site Acceptance Test (SAT) examines main supply resilience, UPS on DC bank load, ATS operations, generators tests, alarms activation, smoke detection simulation, gas activation in stages, room integrity testing, and other cooling and power distribution testing. This is done with the goal of ensuring business continuity and establishing confidence in the data center.

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