Cyber Security

A global high-tech Aerospace, Defence and Security company, considered one of the top ten players in the world in Aerospace, Defence and Security, with revenues of 12.2 billion Euro, 85% of which deriving from international markets.

Technological excellence driven by creativity and passion

Leonardo invests approximately 12% of their revenues in Research and Development activities (1.4 billion euro in 2018).  Leonardo has over 10,500 engineers and over 9,000 Research and Development resources, ranking fourth in the world and third in Europe in terms of Research and Development investments in the Aerospace, Defence and Security sector.

Leonardo believes that innovation cannot remain in laboratories but, on the contrary, it must open up to the outside and be contaminated by new ideas and designs, that’s why Leonardo relies on an extensive network of collaboration projects with universities, research centres, customers, suppliers and start-ups.

With a two-fold advantage: to produce innovative solutions that best meet market demands and help spread a solid scientific and technological culture.

They believe that innovation needs fertile terrain in which it can grow and develop.