Invisible Protection

Hotels are the pride of cities and as such require, not only the latest in technology systems to maintain a true star rating, but they also need to ensure that non-intrusive security is very well entrenched in the day- to- day operations.

MVP Tech Invisible Protection Hospitality and Leisure


Integrating Multiple Properties

Hotels are also the centre of all activity in most countries worldwide, which makes them the focal points of altering major investigations or crimes committed. This is where our expertise comes in. We build and maintain systems for some of the biggest names in the hospitality industry, allowing us to create citywide security rings on multiple properties for the same operator. We are present internationally, across several countries, within major, well-known local and franchised hospitality brands.

Our range of Security and IT systems for hospitality
and leisure are designed to offer, amongst others:

  • / Property Surveillance
  • / Guest Registration System Monitoring
  • / Room Access
  • / Facilities Access
  • / Restricted Area Control
  • / Ticketing and Crowd Control
  • / IT Infrastructure
  • / AV Systems