Creating Stability

The energy sector is the lifeblood of the region’s economy. A vast extension of production facilities and valuable assets including oil rigs, pipelines, refineries and other infrastructures of strategic importance are high-risk targets requiring sophisticated security coverage.

MVP Tech Security Oil and Gas


Demanding Deployments

We have been brought into challenging environments, war zones and hard to reach areas to ensure a seamless deployment on the ground, delivering scalable solutions,  from surveillance to intrusion, explosives detection communications systems and more, providing an environment where people, property and data are protected and secured. 


Fully Licensed

MVP Tech is a registered supplier for Achille FPAL, compliant to the most stringent HSE, Quality, Financial and Environmental Compliance international standards.

The AI and ML-Powered Smart Vessels System

Oil & Gas

As technologies advance in AI & ML, several applications were found that could alleviate problems in the oil and gas sector. Private & public interest in new oil fields and strategic locations, often out in the ocean motivated explorations that would often extend for half a year on-site in offshore marine vessels. Because of dangerous working conditions and various inefficiencies, Stakeholders needed to harness the power of AI to predictably generate an ROI and protect mission-critical systems.



Delayed intelligence, slow response to unpredictable weather patterns and unsafe working conditions in offshore marine vessels endangered crew safety and limited operational efficiencies.



After deploying real-time surveillance and an AI-powered analytics software, We delivered a positive ROI for offshore marine vessel decision-makers and personnel through actionable intelligence, heightened crew safety and improved navigation.


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