Technical and Engineering Support

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Free 1 Year After-Sales Service

Keeping your systems and the individual products functioning within the correct parameters is the best way to extend its functional lifecycle and ensure the ongoing safety of our clients. To offer the highest levels of support and to avoid unnecessary headaches, we include a free of cost, one year After-Sale Service on all installations, providing engineering support well beyond the project go live date.

Comprehensive Handover

To allow a smooth transition from the project execution phase to the maintenance phase, our project managers conduct an internal handover with the maintenance teams well ahead of completion. By briefing the maintenance engineers and technicians responsible for the system’s upkeep early on and involving them in the final stages of project completion, we are able to ensure a seamless transfer from conceptualisation, project execution to live operation.

MVP Tech’s comprehensive handover ensures increased system uptime, currently 99.9% on average across our contracts, and a significant reduction in false alarms and unexpected issue occurrence.
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Continual Improvement

Our engineering mindset makes us extremely disciplined in how we provide services to our clients. By continually testing the overall architecture and component parts, we are able to identify and eliminate problems the first time they occur.

Continuous updating of the system logs and regular reporting ensures full visibility across all areas, helping to track, solve and where needed, quickly replacing ageing or broken parts, allowing us to maintain optimal system performance. Our Engineering Support specialists are trained to support you even in the budgeting of your security and IT Systems requirements for your internal annual cost planning.

Issue avoidance, rather than issue fixing, the best way to service the needs of our clients.

At MVP Tech we train our engineering support team to act as first responders, whose expert assistance is available around the clock. Assessing and solving issues that do not need to be escalated, we regularly eliminate unnecessary callouts, saving our clients both time and money, while also reducing business downtime, failure rates and recurrent costs.

Through proven structures, processes and procedures, our call-out ratios are on average less than 1 % (call-outs versus assets), which is well below international benchmarks.

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