The DC-ITRoom


Efficient IT strong room systems


Modular, including wall, ceiling and floor elements. With high investment security. Expandable, removable, secure. The best possible protection for your data center.


DC-ITRoom GranITe

High availability protection of the latest generation for your IT. Best possible protection for your data center.


DC-ITRoom QuartzITe 9.3

Modular room-in-room system of increased basic protection against major physical hazards.


DC-ITRoom QuartzITe 9.0

Modular room-in-room system of basic protection against major physical hazards.

DC-ITContainer – Mobile. Modular. Indestructibly Good.


The DC-ITContainer protects from dust, debris, fire, rain, extinguishing water and unauthorized access. The use is so flexible that you can put it inside or outside or switch quickly from one to the other, whichever way you need it. Moreover, the DC-ITContainer contains great features like warm and cold aisles, movable racks, energy efficient cooling, UPS-system and, optionally, a DC-MonIToring Agent for the IT and the transfer of fault messages.


Alarm and Energy Management for Your Data Center


The analysis, monitoring and evaluation of alarm and energy data enhances the availability and efficiency of your IT infrastructure, monitor costs and status of your data center!

Constant monitoring of the data center does not just show its operating status. It makes it easier for managers from IT, facility and finances to avoid foreseeable interferences, increased energy consumption and unnecessary costs in equal measure.



With DC-ITShielding, RZproducts offers a tested and customized room shielding solution. The high frequency shell protects IT rooms and IT equipment against electrical and/or magnetic interferences from the outside and the radiation of information from the inside.

Perfect protection against:


/ Espionage

/ Electronic attacks 

/ Technical eavesdropping

/ Natural electromagnetic peaks (e.g. lightning impacts)




DCM Delivery – The Compiler

The performance data can be analysed and visualised. In other words: compiled. Using software, the visible, energy-related key figures can improve the operational procedures in the data center.
For this reason, the second basic component and central solution of DC-MonIToring is the DCM Delivery. The software makes the operational and system data transparent on a standard browser, allowing it to be compared and interpreted. As a result, the monitoring of the data center and its IT components can be used directly to continually improve the IT infrastructure in line with requirements. As DCM Delivery is a browser-based software solution, data center operators can access the system at any time using a secure internet connection.